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Roof Cleaning Scotland FAQ

Bellow are some of the questions most frequently asked by our clients regarding roof cleaning and roof coatings in Scotland. Always check the credentials and reviews of any company you intend to having working around your home. Roof cleaning Scotland can be dangerous if not carried out by trained roof cleaners.


How do you clean a roof

Most often we use a low pressure method of roof cleaning called softwashing. This is usually the safest and most economical solution to cleaning roof tiles using a biocide solution which kills all organic material and lifts dirt. The soft wash process is often combined with a tile scrape which uses a profiled blade to manually remove moss build-ups . We aim to work from gutter level where possible for safety reasons often from a scaffold tower or MEWP access. Should we require to work on the roof all work will be carried out using a ridge hook ladder/ rope access equipment. All staff working at height are fully trained in respective access equipment.


Does My Roof Need Cleaned?

Lichen, Moss and grime on your roof not only looks unsightly it can also cause serious damage to the roof reducing the life of your roof. Moss balls can also enter the drainage system and cause backing up of sewage water, Moss also acts like a sponge soaking up water from moisture in the air and rain water. when the moss freezes it expands potentially causing chipping or completely breaking roof tiles and pointing. The constant presence of moisture will also cause erosion to the tile surface and potentially allow water vapor to penetrate into the roof structure allowing rot. By removing moss build-ups you allow your roof to expel moisture from the inside out prolonging the life of your roof.

Does Roof Cleaning Damage the roof?

While we only use pressure washing or steam methods in limited circumstances, This is possibly the question we get asked most. Many people are under the allusion that pressure washing will remove a protective coating or break tiles. The Scottish weather will have already taken its toll on an aged concrete till, eroding the coloured surface. Pressure washing a roof is almost always not the best method for cleaning. Only a professional roof cleaning company will carry the nozzles and equipment to minimize the chance of damage. Our softwash roof cleaning method is a low pressure option with many benefits over pressure washing.

What chemicals do we use?

Our roof cleaning services will often use a Sodium Hypochlorite based biocide after scraping. The biocide will be applied and agitated on the tiles to penetrate the surface killing any organic matter including moss spores ect. We will then usually rinse and repeat the process for optimal cleaning results. Sodium hypochlorite biocide is rinsed from the roof and as this product is designed to biodegrade its extremely safe. For a residual moss inhibitor we may treat the roof with a DDAC Biocide this will inhibit the growth of organic matter.  We may use a variety of other chemicals during the roof cleaning or roof coatings process all chemical COSHH sheets available.A site specific RAMS pack is also available with information on products used.

How long will your roof stay clean?

Post treatment with biocide your roof should stay clean for 3-5 years. Bear in mind that factors such as organic contamination from trees etc will speed up the process as this provides a nutrient source for growth. A maintenance biocide treatment every 3-5 years is the perfect solution to keep your roof free off moss and grime.

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost Scotland

No two roofs are the same,  There are multiple factors to take into account when pricing a roof cleaning or  roof coating. Factors such as roof size, tile type, pitch of the roof, access requirements and how much moss there is are all factors we must consider when preparing your quote. Softwashing is generally less expensive than pressure washing while providing superior results. To get an accurate quote contact us today

How Much Does Roof  Moss Removal Cost

As previously mentioned there are multiple factors to take into account while pricing your roof cleaning. one of the most labour intensive parts of the clean is manually scraping the moss from the tiles using a profiled blade. When working out the price of roof moss removal we must carefully consider access. We also clean out any debris from the gutter channels after clearing the moss from the roof. during scraping we fit gutter guards to prevent any damage to the drainage system. These guards are removed once the job is complete, should you wish to have a set fitted we can do this for a small additional fee.

How Does A Roof Coating Work

Roof coatings are a great way to put a new lease of life into your roof. Its like a brand new roof at a fraction of the cost. We carry out a thorough clean and prep of your roof, replace any damaged tiles restore pointing etc. We then use a airless spray process to coat the tiles in a latex based coating available in a range of colours. Our roof coatings provide a water resistant, breathable and flexible protective coating for your roof.



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