Roof Moss Removal & Treatment in Fife

Roof moss removal in fife and providing professional roof moss removal & treatment throughout Scotland.  The damp Scottish weather provides the ideal conditions for organic matter such as moss, algae & lichens to thrive on roof tiles. Left untreated moss on and between the roof tiles will hold water and expand when frozen, this causes old and weakened tiles to fracture easily, potentially causing water damage and leaks.

With heavy rain, chunks of moss will dislodge from the roof and fall into the gutter, this creates blockages in the gutter channel or down pipe, restricting the flow of water which can damage the gutter and cause rotting. Moss can also cause serious drainage problems at ground level.

The roof is the most exposed part of your home to the elements therefore it is important to maintain your roof. Many local authorities and housing associations now have roof cleaning as part of the general maintenance of the property. If you want to maintain your roof, keeping it free from moss build up is essential.

Our roof moss removal service is safe and effective at removing and inhibiting the growth of moss while improving the look of your home and the property value. This service can be carried out quickly over central Scotland and is within the budget of most home owners.


Our moss removal and treatment process

  • Your entire roof will be manually scraped to remove the moss, algae and lichens
  • Once the moss is clear any required remedial work can be carried out. This may include replacing damaged or broken tiles, re-bedding ridge tiles and mortar re pointing. We can also install a dry ridge system which helps improve airflow to your home.
  • We then impregnate the roof with a high strength biocidal wash treatment to kill any remaining organic matter and micro roots growing on the porous surface of roof tiles. This is important to inhibit the regrowth, the biocidal treatment also removes dirt and other contamination from the tiles.


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Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning using Biocidal Treatment

Many home owners are concerned about the possibility of damage while cleaning the roof. Our biocidal wash treatment is a non-pressure roof cleaning solution which can be used on both concrete roof tiles and slate. Our method of moss removal and cleaning is fast becoming the preferred method of roof cleaning for many home owners and property management services. Pressure washing a roof is not only messy, it can cause leaks, damage to tiles and damage to ridge pointing. Pressure washing only visibly cleans, without inhibiting re-growth by killing the micro organisms with a biocidal product, the moss will come back.

How Much Does Moss Removal/Roof Cleaning Cost Scotland?

There are various factors which have to be considered when determining the price of roof cleaning services. These factors include the type of roof tile, access, height as well as the size and pitch of the roof.  Roof cleaning can be dangerous, We strongly recommend using a competent roof cleaning contractor for any aspects of roof cleaning including moss removal. If you would like a FREE roof cleaning quote please call us or complete the online enquiry bellow.

Improve The Look & Value Of Your Home

Moss build up on your roof can look unsightly, devaluing your property, however after moss removal and treatment has been completed, The transformation can be amazing. Whether your planing to stay in your home long term or sell your property, a clean roof can add extra value to your home. Most surveyors will negatively highlight a moss covered roof in their survey and recommend cleaning prior to going on the market.


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