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Pro Jet are fully insured, experienced roof cleaners who offer a professional, affordable & high quality roof moss removal and roof cleaning services in central Scotland. Unlike most roof cleaning contractors, as standard, after removing the grime and moss from the roof we apply a high strength Biowash at no additional charge. Our biocidal wash products kill organic matter such as moss and lichens on contact, inhibiting the regrowth. The low pressure biocide wash also removes dirt and grime completely transforming your roof and restores tiles to their original beautiful colour.  Our Biowash treatment is also considerably less expensive,it is also the safest method of cleaning roofs without the risks of damage caused by power washing.

Roof cleaning services

Moss Removal Service

Our roof moss removal service is perfect for those looking to remove moss and have a gentle cleaning of the roof tiles. Roof moss is removed by manual scraping of the roof tiles.  We usually work from ladders at the gutter line although its often the case we need to work on the roof itself. In these cases we access the roof using specialist roof ladders if appropriate and safe to do so without damaging tiles. Unlike most roof cleaning contractors our biowash treatment is included as standard at no extra charge. For more information on moss treatment click here.

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Roof Cleaning Scotland

Our roof cleaning, roof moss removal and soft washing services are available throughout central scotland and we offer unbeatable value for money.

What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Softwashing is the application of powerful, safe chemical cleaning products at low pressure. The chemicals do the cleaning and are strong enough to clean even more effectively than jet washing. Low pressure is far more suitable for delicate surfaces like roofs as tiles are easily damaged or dislodged if blasted with high pressure jet washers.

After applying the chemicals and allowing them to soak in they are rinsed and the process repeated. The results are stunning and soft washing is by far the safest and most effective way of cleaning roofs.

We try to avoid jet washing roofs because of the likelihood of damaging and safety risks. Roof pressure washing also creates an incredible amount of mess compared to most other methods. After cleaning the roof we apply a professional grade biocide that not only has an ongoing cleansing effect lasting several moths but also kills and controls all biological spores landing on the roof inhibiting regrowth of moss, lichens and algae usually for 3-5 years. Answers to some of the most common questions our clients ask regarding roof cleaning here.



Once your roof has been cleaned we can also offer our protective roof coatings available in a range of colours. The flexible coating protects tiles from frost damage and prevents leaks. Roof Coatings

roof coatings fife

We are based in Glenrothes, Fife and provide a range of professional exterior cleaning services in Fife and throughout central Scotland including exterior house and building cleaning, wall, render and brick cleaning, roof cleaning and soft washing.

We also specialise in driveway and patio cleaning in Fife, Edinburugh, Dundee,Livingston,Falkirk and Glasgow

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